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Grants and Funding

Aerial View of Well Street Common

WSCUG is a not for profit, voluntary organisation.

It has successfully applied for and received Grants from Hackney Community Chest and Hackney Park Life. These have funded the May Festival, a photography project for young people, Tai Chi sessions, fitness equipment and fitness training, football training for young people.

The Group has raised its own funds for projects at the May Festivals, and has also received donations from film companies working around the Common.

We need your help

WSCUG really needs the help of volunteers with skills in applying for funding. There are funding sources available for all kinds of projects, but there needs to be local people prepared to apply for, supervise and monitor each grant project, under the umbrella of WSCUG. Get in touch if you would like to help.

All the User Groups are members of Hackney Parks Forum, which meets bimonthly to share information and discuss current issues.